About Us

The University of St Andrews module Classics for the Modern World was designed and is led by Dr Alice König. It is open to all Honours (3rd and 4th year) students within the School of Classics.

‘Applied Classics’ promotes – and thrives on – interdisciplinarity. One of the great strengths of the module is that students with expertise in archaeology, art history and material culture work together with students who specialise in languages and literature, in philosophy and politics, and in social, cultural, political and intellectual history. Students also draw on their learning from other degree programmes such as Comparative Literature, International Relations, Social Anthropology and Sustainable Development. And they take inspiration from their many extra curricular activities and wider life experiences as they identify contemporary issues that matter to them and think creatively about approaches and solutions.

2020 cohort: Henry Bennett, Nicolette Irving, Henry Kirk, William Laird, Erin Limmack, Josephine McEvoy, Kate Moran, Zoe Morris, Finn Murphy, Katie O’Hare, Eleanor Pain, Reese Waters, Ellis Williams and Taylor Williams.

2022 cohort: Caitlin Brown, Chloe Dabbs, India Goodman, Kristoffer Naas, Anna Pilgrim, Emily Speed, Lily Talbot and Duncan Tarboton.

In 2021, Classics for the Modern World won the University of St Andrews ‘Sustainability in the Curriculum’ prize and was awarded a Golden Dandelion.