The Visualising War and Peace podcast

Sunday 27 November 2022

In April 2021, Alice König and Nicolas Wiater set up the Visualising War and Peace podcast. Stemming from their research into discourses of war and peace in antiquity, this outreach project was designed to involve more people in discussions of how war stories work and what they do to us. With that goal in mind they have been interviewing a very wide range of guests: academics, journalists, artists, theatre-makers, museum curators, veterans, strategists, novelists, gaming experts, and photographers, among others. Some of their episodes focus on the 21st century, but others explore past habits of visualising war and peace – and the dialogue between the two is dynamic. You can listen to the whole archive via this link. Below we have highlighted some episodes which focus specifically on what antiquity can teach us about the tales we tell and the pictures we paint of conflict – and what influence they have on us as individuals and societies.

Ewan Downie, Achilles (Company of Wolves)

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